edm producer


Accomplishing so much in such a short amount of time, it’s no wonder Benasis has began to create his own permanent imprint in Electronic Dance Music. Cultivating a loyal following from countless successful releases!

 Benasis is beginning to take notice of heavy weight artist and electronic dance music blogs. Running the up and coming music label Captivation Records that he just began in December of 2015, he 

  is also helping push some of the hottest electronic dance music tracks in scene.

After winning countless remix competitions, including Guitar Centers: Your Next Record With Steve Aoki, Benasis has gained a great deal of attention from producers around the world. Working side by side with artist like Steve Aoki and even Riff Raff.

Benasis is on his way to the top. He's even gained the support of A List actors

. On May 12th of 2016, actress Jennifer Lawrence and the whole cast of "X Men Apocalypse" uploaded a behind the scenes dancing video featuring Benasis's hit song "Beast Mode". The video has since gone viral as many of the actors have shared it on their twitters and instagrams! Stay connected to see what he accomplishes next!